Processors Series – SDD3

The SDD3 is a true technology statement by KV2 Audio. It utilises our ground breaking 20MHz PDM digital conversion process developed for time alignment applications in our speaker range. The SDD3 incorporates high quality line driver outputs to allow users to deliver pristine audio signal to delay speakers or under balcony fills over 100m from the source. The ultimate choice for the distribution of time corrected audio signal, the SDD3 has two super digital channels that will deliver up to 400 milliseconds of delay. Each of these channels has an adjustable HPF and is easily programmed through the front panel menu where all settings can be stored and recalled for varying situations. It also has a third channel with up to 10 milliseconds of delay for configuring cardoid subwoofer setups. Ideal for large stadiums, theatres, concert halls or any application where time correction is required to achieve optimum audio quality.

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